Lawn Seeds & CRP Grasses

CRP Grasses

There are many benefits to a land owner implementing any number of CRP grass programs. Enhancing wildlife habitat, improving water quality, protects and enhances soil productivity, and locking in carbon are just a few of the benefits of CRP. Here at Weber Seeds, Inc. we offer custom CRP grass mixes to cover any of our growers needs. Grasses such as Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, Gama grass, Crabgrass, and Switchgrass are just a few of the varieties we have available.

Lawn Grasses

Lawn Grasses are a large part of our business. Whether your the owner of a luxury golf course or you just a homeowner that wants to make those neighbors envious, Weber Seeds can help. All of the lawn mixes we offer are designed to give you the most eye appealing, fast establishing, and durable lawn possible. In the middle of town or out in the country side, everyone wants a great looking lawn. Our 2 best sellers are our 5 Way Turf Type Blend, and the Turf 4 Mix. Either of these mixes will NOT disappoint with their excellent seedling vigor, traffic tolerance, and great heat and drought tolerance.