Vantage Brand Conventional Soybeans


Vantage brand Conventional Soybeans

Alongside all of our traited soybeans we also have Conventional varieties. Conventionals are great for those growers who don’t have any weed pressure to speak of and are looking to save a little on seed cost. If it’s market premiums that you’re looking for, we can help also. Every year that the markets are down, the conventional markets seem to rise in popularity.

RM- 3.9
Pubescence- Gray
Plant Type- Intermediate Bushy
Consistent high yielder, BUFF Hilum! Resistance to SDS, SCN, & Root rot Nematode.

RM- 4.1
Pubescence- Light Tawny
Plant Type- Intermediate Bushy
Outstanding defense package, handle variable soils, & great yield potential!


These are just a few of the conventional varieties that we offer. If you have the right situation for implementing a conventional bean into your operation, let Weber Seeds show you what we have to offer!